Video Editing software

Top Video Editing Software to Create Magical Scenes

One of the secrets to a good quality video lies in good editing.

In most cases, a video is also the editor who has to deal with countless footage and one who determines the final content, splicing them together, modifying the setting, and fixing the flaws to magically transform lifeless scenes into series of animated tableaus.

Moreover, while editing has relatively become an easier task with technology advancement, everything still boils down to the efficiency of videography editing software being used.

Professional video editing software is a costly investment, but it extremely increases efficiency in producing the final product. Although there are free downloads to obtain online, it pays to acquire something that can perform multiple functions to provide your video an award-winning quality.

 Top Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 – is virtually compatible with any video format that can support DV, HDV, Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2 and AVCHD. This real-time editing software, which operates around the timeline concept, can make the editing job an easier process. The software is capable of editing a maximum of 10,240 x 8,192 resolutions. With its plug-in system that allows various media formats to be imported or exported and with a 3D editing function to boost, the software has become one of the top choices of amateurs and professionals alike.

Considered as complete software, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 comes with Adobe Encore that enables recording directly to a disk. Enhanced with GPU acceleration capability, it allows the editor to process the video at a speedier fashion. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is the smart editing software that offers post-production processing from start to finish that can be crafted whether you own a PC or Mac.

Windows Movie Maker – is part of Windows Essentials software suite and comes as a free videography editing software developed by Microsoft. Called Sundance, the robust software offers a rich selection of transition effects. It is comparatively easier to adjust to how the program operates and to utilize its functions including the option to upload the finished result on Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

Final Cut – is the professionals’ choice among Mac users. Developed by Apple, the program has a plethora of templates and special effects to breathe a new life to any video. Its most recent version, the Final Cut Pro X, operates on Mac with an Intel processor. The powerful software allows a video to be transferred on the computer’s hard drive to be processed into several formats.

Vegas Pro – is originally published by Sonic Foundry, but is now owned by Sony Creative Software. It gradually evolved from an audio editor into becoming a real-time multi-track editing software that can process both audio and video. At present, it runs up to 10 versions compatible with Windows XP and Vista. The software consists of complex effects and compositing tools, including 3D tools that can be supported by a variety of video formats.

Avid Media Composer – this is another professional video editor highly compatible with Mac or Windows, the software has integrated DVD authoring and can process surround audio effects for your video. It has an integrated toolset that provides all quick tools in rendering the utmost quality to any editing output. Of course, you may need a clip-on microphone such as the at831r from guitar center to record the best audio.

Looking for the right video editing software can be intimidating. There is always the need to assess closely what the best packages that offer the best options are at a price affordable even to a struggling videographer.

With the insights provided by leading minds, arriving at a decision becomes easier. Another piece of wisdom is in listening to the words of the industry sharks that the best thing is not to be afraid to invest in the full suite.

Everyone in the business started out not knowing everything. Like them, your skills are bound to develop. In addition, with the right tools at hand to create magical transformations in your video, success cannot be far behind.