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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom | Christmas

Baby showers are fun and exciting. A Christmas baby shower can be even more exciting than normal.

Of course, you may wonder just what type of gift is a good choice for a baby shower during the Holiday Season.

There are many things that you can give a mother to be that she will treasure for years.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning and purchasing gifts for a Christmas themed baby shower:

Christmas baby shower Ideas:

  1. Decorations are the perfect gift choice for a Christmas baby shower. In fact, all guests could bring along a special decoration for the mommy to be that will allow her to decorate her tree in anticipation of new baby arriving. You could even incorporate crafts into the shower and have guests make ornaments themselves for the new baby or to take home as door prizes.
  2. The traditional baby gifts are still a good idea even with a Christmas themed shower. The new mom is going to need diapers, bottles, clothing and other baby necessities so if you are looking for the perfect gift, simply make sure that it is something that mom needs for her bundle of joy.
  3. Diaper cakes decorated like Christmas trees are another great idea. Diaper cakes are fun and give the new mom many things that baby will need. These adorable cakes are created by stacking diapers and have many toys and other necessities on them. Choose a diaper cake that is decorated in Christmas colors or even one that is made in the shape of a tree.
  4. You can also simply purchase a small Christmas tree and add baby necessities in the place of ornaments. This would make a beautiful centerpiece and has gifts on it that mom needs when the baby arrives. Think small socks, rattles, bottles and other items and go all out with your decorations. The tree can be taken home by the mom to be and displayed until Christmas or until the baby comes, whichever is first.
  5. Think about traditional Christmas gifts as well. A storybook set about the very first Christmas is an excellent choice. You could also purchase or make a quilt in Christmas colors with baby’s name – if you know it- and the year.


Baby shower Christmas gifts

Use your imagination when coming up with ideas. It will be relatively easy to incorporate Christmas into your baby shower gift giving. Simply choose items that you know the mom to be will need or select something that will beautifully commemorate this very first Christmas.