Make your own mouthwash for a healthier mouth

Healthier mouth | Best Mouthwash

Isn’t it ironic that one of the most important parts of your body, the same one you use to nourish yourself, is also the dirtiest?  Yes, the mouth is proof that you can’t have it both ways. While it is essential to eating, communicating, and even breathing, it is also one of the areas in your body where bacteria thrive and survive.

Given that information, should you just shrug it off and say there’s not much you can do about it? Not quite.

Guide to a Healthier Mouth

There are things you can do to maintain a healthier mouth, and even a young kid would tell you that a great way to start is by brushing your teeth with the right toothpaste at least three times a day. Nevertheless, brushing alone is not enough. You need to schedule regular trips to your dentist. Brushing only cleans the surface of your teeth. Most toothbrushes aren’t made with bristles that can penetrate the small gaps between your teeth, and that’s why regular dental checkups by your dentist is imperative.

Of course, using mouthwash is a great way to eliminate bad bacteria in your mouth, too. Since dental cleanings are done twice a year (at the most), you need everyday protection to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy.

Listerine Zero alcohol free mouthwash

For the best mouthwash, I recommend  Listerine Zero alcohol free which helps kill up to 97% of plaque and bad breath after Just 30 seconds of rinsing. Killing the bacteria in your mouth also stops plaque development, tooth degeneration and gum disease.

The keywords here are ‘alcohol free’, which means you won’t feel a sting doesn’t just mask bad mouth odor – it kills bad breath causing bacteria, prevents plaque build-up, and protects your gums from gingivitis.

Another great thing about Listerine Zero is it comes in 6 flavors, Arctic Mint® , Coconut & Lime Blend, Green Tea & Mint , Grapefruit Rose, Cool Mint®  and Fresh Mint.

Now, you might think Green Tea & Mint is a weird combination, but I kid you not, it is yummy! It has a unique mint taste that leaves your mouth with a refreshingly cool mint aftertaste. You can be sure of Listerine ® Green Tea & Mint because it is another quality product of Johnson & Johnson.

Even people on the go can be confident of long-lasting fresh breath, thanks to Listerine ® Oral Care Fresh Breath Spray that gives you instant fresh breath in 10 seconds!


So if you want your mouth to stay clean, fresh, and healthy, make sure you use Listerine ® Mouthwash. It’s an inexpensive way to take care of your mouth and look after your oral health.