Kids room make over ideas

Kids Room Makeover Ideas Your Child Will Love

When it comes to your child’s personal space, it’s nice to keep things inviting and exciting, especially on those rainy days when the room becomes a refuge. The bedroom is a place to sleep, to play, to create and to imagine; a stimulating place in which to feel comfortable and happy. Our kids room makeover ideas that your child will love and want to spend time in.

If your child’s room is in need of a little TLC, a room makeover is just the ticket. Give your kid’s room revamp with these inexpensive ideas, perfect for a quick makeover on a tight budget.


Exciting Kids Room Makeover Ideas

Fresh Paint

Kids Room Makeover Ideas

It’s amazing how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make to a room, especially if the walls have already endured a bit of hard treatment over the years by young hands.

If your child is still quite young, it’s a great idea to go for paint that is easy to wash and doesn’t stain easily.

If you want a faster and easier way to find the right paint color, find out in Sherwin Williams Paint Color cheat sheets. (Use the link below)


Bright colors are fun and exciting, but not always calming. Make sure you go for cooler or muted colors – remember, a bedroom is a place for sleeping as well as play. Try a fun-colored feature wall or cupboard doors amongst a more neutral color for the walls. Your kids will love it and it provides a great visual effect without being overpowering.

Brilliant Bedding

Children room with colorful bedding on bunk bed

The bedroom is all about the bed, it should be the room’s centerpiece. Exciting bedding is great for encouraging kids to sleep in their own bed and enjoy their bedroom space, and a few new bits of bedding will give the whole room a fresh feel.

Adding some fun new pillowcases, cushions and a quilt cover is a simple way to change the whole look of the room and it can be done cheaply, especially if you can sew your own.

If your kids share a room, why not put in a bunk bed? Kids love them and it creates lots more space in the room for other things. There are some really affordable options for bunk beds with all sorts of crazy configurations and innovative designs, like the budget-friendly range at Wayfair.


Creative Space

Children's bedroom makeover Ideas

Kids love to create and play in their own space, so why not incorporate a few creative elements into the room? A fun desk and chair will make a great spot for kids to create or do homework and a beanbag makes a comfy place for reading books, both of which will add some real style to the room and make it easy and inviting for kids to engage in imaginative play.

You could include some shelves for books and toys, and some funky storage boxes for craft supplies. Another great idea that’s easy on the budget is using some chalkboard paint on cupboard doors or plywood to create a chalkboard for budding artists.

Buy 2nd Hand

Search for kids bedroom furniture on ebay

The best way to freshen up your child’s room with new items and furniture is to shop second hand. Keep an eye on online bidding and auction or classified websites like Craigslist or ebay and hunt for items in op shops. You can pick up some great bargains and create a unique look with items that already have lots of charm and character. You can also refurbish them yourself with new paint/fabric etc.

Decals and Decor

Childrens bedroom make over

Wonderful Kids Bedroom Makeover Ideas

It’s the little touches that add intrigue to a room. Include lots of interesting items for decoration to keep little eyes busy and imaginations engaged. Wall decals are a great option for a smaller budget such as posters, paintings, mobiles, and ornaments. Also, books can contribute to a great overall visual effect for a small price.

Plenty of Storage

Kids room storage

Storage works wonders when it comes to making over your child’s room. All the clutter and mess now has a place to go. Make sure your kid’s items are easily accessible and make it easy for them to clean up when finished. It’s a simple and cost-effective way of breathing new life into a small space.

Kids Bedroom Makeover Ideas They Will Love

With the new room looking exciting and enticing, your child will love spending those rainy days indoors. Try them out for yourself and drop a comment below, we would love to know how you got on.