Photography Ideas for Beginners | Ordinary Into an Extraordinary

Photography is an art that requires a lot of patience. The most gorgeous photographs are usually ones that are taken by complete accident. These type of setting are perfect for photography ideas for beginners.

You happen to walk by an old building and watch the sun bounce off a stained glass window. That’s a perfect shot. A bead of dew trembles on a newly-folded leaf and hurriedly you reach for your camera. A small child clings to her grandfather in a crowded train station, and without either of them noticing you capture the perfect, endearing image.

The best photographs are taken instinctively. They’re never forced.

Perfect Photography Ideas for Beginners

In order to find these perfect snapshots of life that make the best photographs, you must first live life. To best accomplish this, simply take your camera everywhere you are able to. Keep your eyes open for how light and colors reflect off ordinary objects and people. Become a people watcher. Find your inner nature enthusiast. Embrace the ordinary.


Speaking of ordinary, here are a few ordinary activities and locations that are ripe with opportunities to document with your digital camera:

Outdoor Parks

Park bench photo

Natural sunlight creates the perfect lighting for photography. Outdoor areas such as parks are also a great place to people watch and keep an eye out for animals and plants to photograph. You don’t even have to go there and sit idly with a camera.

The park is a good place for photography ideas for beginners

Take some work, your laptop or even a favorite book and simply enjoy the sunshine while keeping one eye open.

Public Transportation

Train Station motion photography effect

There’s a certain kind of beauty found in the hustle and bustle of train stations and bus depots. People are often at their most natural when waiting to go home or start their day at work. If you have to take the train, carry your camera with you and see what there is to be seen.

Zoos and Fairgrounds

Photography at the Fairground

A picture of family members having fun will always be a favorite. There is no better place to capture images of delighted children than at the local zoo or fairground. These places are also outside, which will provide the perfect lighting.

Photo of crocodile at the zoo. Find more Photography ideas here.

Zoos and fairgrounds are also full of animals.

Photos at Outdoor Sporting Events

Photos of Baseball game crowd at a sporting events


What better place to find lots of action and plenty of sunlight than at a local sporting event? Action shots are often difficult to capture but can make some of the most impressive and stunning photographs. Enjoy your favorite sport in person and walk away with some great images.

Lakes and Oceans Photography Ideas

Photograph of the Ocean in a storm

The beach for photo ideas is a great place for beginners


Water is often one of the most stunning objects to capture in a photograph due to the way it sparkles in the sunlight. Take a trip to the nearest lake or beach and enjoy a photoshoot that’s literally everywhere you look. Near water is also an ideal spot to watch people and capture images of wildlife.

Everywhere you go, there are opportunities for the photographer to capture the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

Photography is an art. Like any art, photography must be practiced. The best way to practice becoming a better photographer is to experience life in a natural setting and capture those experiences on camera.

So, to find photography ideas for beginners start outdoors and you will discover hundreds of opportunities just waiting for you to capture.

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